The current version of the Graded Ring Database was written by Gavin Brown and Alexander Kasprzyk.

Major contributions have also been made to this and previous versions by Sarah Davis, Michael Kerber, Miles Reid, Olof Sisask, Kaori Suzuki, and Stephen Tawn.

The lists in this database contain data computed by Selma Altinok, Gavin Brown, Tom Coates, Anthony Iano-Fletcher, Alexander Kasprzyk, Maximilian Kreuzer, Benjamin Nill, Mikkel Obro, Miles Reid, Ichiro Shimada, Olof Sisask, Harald Skarke, Kaori Suzuki, and Lei Zhu.

Each database search page includes details of the authors of that data, together with papers that should be cited when you use the data. Please also reference the Graded Ring Database.

Several of the calculations are performed using the Magma computational algebra system. Other software used in construction of the data include PALP, polymake, and LattE.

The database is currently hosted by the School of Mathematical Sciences at Nottingham University.

The database was previously hosted by: the School of Mathematics at Loughborough University; the School of Mathematics at the University of Kent; and by the Warwick Mathematics Institute.

The Graded Ring Database was originally developed with support from the EPSRC, grant number GR/S03980/01.