Updates and corrections

16 September 2014
Added the database of Calabi-Yau 3-orbifolds and updated the database of Canonical 3-folds.

9 April 2014
All Fano 3-fold data recalculated, correcting f=2 page.

20 March 2014
Added Calabi-Yau 3-folds from the formats engine.

11 December 2012
Added a new database of three-dimensional Minkowski period sequences.

1 October 2012
Added "smoothable" and "barycentre zero" to the toric log del Pezzo surfaces data. Requested by Cristiano Spotti.

13 June 2012
Added the database IDs for the reflexive polytopes to the canonical toric Fano three-folds database. These IDs agree with Magma and SAGE, with the caveat that SAGE indexes from 0 rather than 1.

13 October 2011
Added the database of small polygons.

25 July 2011
A new database of toric l-reflexive surfaces has been made public. This data, provided by Alexander Kasprzyk and Benjamin Nill, contains all l-reflexive polygons up to index 200.

20 June 2011
The toric log del Pezzo database has been updated. Some of the invariants (including volume and number of vertices) were being stored in too small a variable for their size, resulting in the value being truncated at 127. This has been fixed. Thanks to Benjamin Nill for spotting this problem.

3 March 2011
The link on the Fano 3-folds results page to the matching toric canonical Fano 3-fold was broken. Thanks to Tom Coates for mentioning this.

15 Aug 2010
A new table to improve weights (and corresponding numerators) for Fano 3-folds of higher index. This includes links to the corresponding K3 surface, when it appears in the K3 database.

14 Aug 2010
Corrected singularity [3,2] to [3,1] in index 2 Fano 3-fold data.